FuroCure Plus

Each Film coated tablet contains:
Spironolactone BP 50 mg
Furosemide BP 20 mg
Excipients Q.S.
Colour: Iron oxide of yellow


Mode of action:

FUROCURE PLUS is combined diuretic preparation. Its hypotensive action is conditioned by the combination of spironolactone and furosemide. Spironolactone is a potassium-sparing diuretic, specific long-acting antagonist of aldosterone (mineral corticosteroid hormone of adrenal cortex). Binding with aldosterone receptors spironolactone increases a water excretion, sodium ions and chlorine excretion; it also reduces potassium and urea excretion.
Furosemide is potent loop diuretic. It blocks an active reabsorption of sodium, potassium, chlorides and magnesium ions in ascending limb of Henle’s loop, as well as proximal and distal convoluted tubules; it increases the water excretion.


FUROCURE PLUS is indicated for the treatment of the following conditions:
Edema in cardiac insufficiency, nephrotic syndrome (especially, if the other preparations are not sufficiently effective or if hypocalemia caused by diuretics is present).
Edemas or ascites at electrolyte exchange due to hyperaldosteronism.
Ascites at liver cirrhosis.
Arterial hypertension.