Researches & Development

We also focus on constantly investing in our Research and Development sector, to encourage new innovative ideas and technology for the development and production of high-quality products for our customers.

Our Research and Development team is ahead in terms of adopting new technologies and advanced automated equipment for the development of high-quality products.

Our products are well recognized by many health care facilities throughout Europe and various other associated companies, as we use High-quality grade ingredients for the development of our formulations.

Our R & D teams participate in Medical and health-related affairs by collaborating with internationally renowned specialists to carry out clinical studies for our products so that we can guarantee maximum safety and efficacy to our clients.

RemeCure products always up to date

We are constantly in search of High-grade active ingredients for our products.

Every year we develop more than 200 new formulations for our different company branches in Europe and other foreign associated companies.

Complete formulation and Re – formulation of existing products.

Varied of supply of packaging available.

Manufacturing of pilot batches

Regulatory and technical assistance

Stability testing in different climatic conditions

Management of graphic designing


At RemeCure with the clinical trial knowledge of our dedicated qualified Research & Development team of Pharmacists, Nutritionists, and Medical Practitioners, we formulate and manufacture products of High Pharmaceutical Grade Standards. That is why our products are designed and produced to be in a supplement’s purest form.

As the globalization of manufacturing and distribution continues, the need for stronger systems to assess and ensure quality in dietary supplements becomes more important.

GMPs: Good Manufacturing Practices to deliver safe, accurately labelled products to our consumers.

HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points to assure safety and reliable manufacture of our products.

Non – GMO: (Non-Genetically Modified Organism) certification for providing and satisfying consumer’s demand for more natural and organic products.

ISO: International Organization for Standardization Certification for satisfying the customers quality requirements, and Complying to relevant regulations.

HALAL/KOSHER certification for ensuring honesty and guarantee of High grade Ingredients used in our products for our consumers at RemeCure.

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