DrotaCure 80

Each ml contains:
Drotaverin Hydrochloride Eq. to Drotaverin 40 mg
Water for injection BP QS


Mechanism of action:

Drotaverin inhibits phosphodiesterases hydrolyzing cAMP, thereby increasing cAMP concentration, decreasing Ca uptake of the cells and changing the distribution of calcium among the cells. It may also have minor allosteric calcium channel blocking properties.


Spasm of the internal organs non-striated muscles (cardio- and pylorospasm), chronic gastroduodenitis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, cholelithiasis (hepatic colic), chronic cholecystitis, postcholecystectomic syndrome, hypermotor dyskinesia of bile ducts, spastic dyskinesia of intestine, intestinal colic caused by the gases retention after operations, colitis, proctitis, tenesmus, meteorism, urolithiasis (renal colic),
pyelitis, spasm of cerebral vessels, of coronary and peripheral arteries, need for the uterine contractions weakening and for removing the neck of the uterine spasm in labor, spasm of non-striated muscles during instrumental interferences, dysmenorrheal, strong labor pains.