DexraCure 10

Each enteric coated tablet contains:
Dexrabeprazole sodium 10 mg
Excipients Q.S.
Colour: Titanium Dioxide


Mode of action:

Dexrabeprazole sodium belongs to the class of antisecretory compounds, the substituted benzimidazoles, that do not
exhibit anticholinergic or H2 histamine antagonist properties, but suppress gastric acid secretion by the specific
inhibition of the H+/K+- ATPase enzyme at the secretory surface of the gastric parietal cell. This enzyme system is
regarded as the acid (proton) pump, and therefore Dexrabeprazole sodium is classified as a gastric proton-pump
inhibitor blocking the final step of acid production. This effect is dose-related and leads to inhibition of both basal and
stimulated acid secretion irrespective of the stimulus. Animal studies indicate that after administration,
dexrabeprazole sodium rapidly disappears from both the plasma and gastric mucosa.


Gastro esophageal reflux disease, gastric and duodenal ulcers.